Bradley – “Hargey’s u-turn proves she was playing politics”

DUP Deputy Leader Paula Bradley MLA has said the u-turn by DfC Minister Deirdre Hargey on funding for football proves the Minister’s disgraceful announcement on Monday was nothing short of playing politics.

By Cllr Paula Bradley

Glengormley Urban


Ms Bradley said,

“The sub-regional funding affects football in every community. The Sinn Fein Minister’s attempt to play sectarian politics with it were disgraceful. She is right to u-turn.

The fund was part of the New Decade New Approach agreement. The Minister has had two years to deliver the funding. Indeed, last September she told us it was just weeks away.

It's time for Minister Hargey to set her Sinn Fein political games to the side and get on with her job and deliver the funding.”

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