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East Antrim MP Sammy Wilson said,

“Over the past decades, it has always been apparent that Sinn Fein believe that the standards which apply to others should not apply to them.

They have demanded accountability from the security forces while frustrating justice for the victims of their terrorist activities. They have demanded recognition of their culture while stridently trying to crush aspects of Orange culture, such as marches.

The latest example of their breathtaking arrogance, double standards and hypocrisy has been displayed this week. On Monday, Michelle O’Neill publically laid down the rules for the general population, insisting that social distancing had to be observed. Yet the very next day the Sinn Fein hierarchy and their supporters were arrogantly defying the social distancing rules as they eulogised one of their top terrorists.

No wonder there has been an outpouring of anger from all decent people who are sick and tired of Sinn Fein’s belief that somehow or other the standards they insist on others adhering to do not and should not apply to them.

This smacks of the worst excesses of corrupt rulers across the world. Surely even some of Sinn Fein’s staunchest supporters must be asking, ‘who do these people think they are?’.

It should be a warning to anyone who thinks that Sinn Fein rule wouldn’t be such a bad thing. Even when the camera catches a blatant breach of the rules which SF demand others observe, this party of political charlatans treat the electorate with such disdain that they still try to justify and deny their behaviour."