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DUP MLA Jonathan Buckley has welcomed a statement from the Armagh Camogie Board that it "sincerely and deeply regrets" any offence caused following scenes of the Armagh team celebrating their victory in the all-Ireland Junior Championship.

The Upper Bann MLA said, "Making the glorification of terrorists part of a sporting celebration remains both inexcusable and inexplicable. However, I welcome the comments from the Armagh Camogie Board. The statement undoubtedly does not go as far as I would have liked, but it would be ungracious not to recognise the step taken and to welcome it.

It was disappointing that the initial response was to suggest the words used in the video were "up Armagh". Having replayed the video repeatedly it is clear exactly what the words were. It is also notable that even many fans of gaelic games who watched the footage did not attempt to suggest the words used were anything other than references to the IRA.

The Armagh Camogie Board have said they will carry out a full investigation and that is to be welcomed. I would hope that investigation can move beyond regret for any offence caused and apologise for the act itself. The statement and commitment to investigate is a welcome first step which I hope can arrive at that outcome.

It would be wrong however to focus everything on one team or on one match. There have been a number of incidents across gaelic sports, with the Armagh camogie team simply being the latest example.

I repeat the call that there must be an acceptance of that wider problem across gaelic games and that a willingness must be shown to take meaningful action. That will require leadership from those in authority over the sports but also from political and civic nationalism in Northern Ireland.

There needs to be a clear demonstration that is not acceptable for terrorism to be associated with sport."