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DUP Leader & First Minister of Northern Ireland Arlene Foster has written to Facebook and Twitter about Sinn Fein using the platforms to spread misinformation about the Electoral Office.

Arlene Foster said,

I have written to Twitter and Facebook regarding Sinn Fein’s misinformation campaign about The Electoral Office for Northern Ireland.

The video was released by Sinn Fein on their official accounts. If permitted by the social media companies, they are complicit in creating and spreading false statements designed to cause confusion & misunderstanding.

The post deliberately misleads people about the purpose of the update to the electoral roll. The video post depicts a reality which is categorically false.

Information is being contorted to damage the EONI and manipulate their support base. This misinformation damages the fabric of our democracy by seeking to erode confidence in the organisation which runs our elections.

The Electoral Office’s actions are designed to stop electoral fraud, yet Sinn Fein’s post is designed to stir tension and undermine a key lever in our democracy.

The following statements published by Sinn Fein are false and inflammatory. They must be removed or marked as “Misleading Information”.

“The British Govt is planning a mass purge of voters in the North”

“This is a blatant attempt to suppress the voices of citizens”

“The British are planning to suppress the democratic rights of citizens”