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DUP Leader Arlene Foster has said legal action from the European Union against the United Kingdom is further proof that Brussels is closing its eyes to the serious problems the Protocol has caused for Northern Ireland.

Mrs Foster said,

“Brussels’ failure to recognise the damage the Protocol is causing to Northern Ireland has been further demonstrated by this step towards litigation. Rather than showing concern for stability in Northern Ireland or respect for the principle of consent, Brussels is foolishly and selfishly focused on protecting its own bloc.

Not one single unionist party in the Northern Ireland Assembly supports this flawed Protocol, therefore Brussels’ claim to be protecting peace continues to ring hollow.

The Government’s recent decisions were appropriate. The extended grace periods have been good news however, they are not a permanent solution. That is the message we delivered to the Prime Minister last Friday. Regardless of the reaction in Brussels, the Prime Minister must deliver the unfettered flow of goods from Great Britain to Northern Ireland.”