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DUP Communities spokesperson Paula Bradley has said that further answers are needed in relation issues which have arisen in relation to the Sports Sustainability Fund. She also said that all options remain open, including the possibility of a formal inquiry by the Committee into the matter.

The North Belfast MLA said, "Whilst the Assembly will be in recess next week I am glad the Communities Committee will be meeting at my request. Significant questions have been posed about the Sports Sustainability Fund and the public deserve answers.

It is right that questions are asked, but also the opportunity is given for an explanation from the Minister and Sport NI. There can be no pre-determined outcome to next week's meeting but all options must remain open for the Committee to consider, including the possibility of a full Committee inquiry into the matter.

It is right that this matter is also investigated by the NI Audit Office and potentially by the Public Accounts Committee. Issues in relation to the criteria on which the funding was offered need to be properly explored and to the full process by which applications were decided upon.

The Communities Minister has other issues still to explain, such as why we she has failed to bring forward the JobStart scheme. All Ministers have faced significant pressures during the Covid pandemic, but there is a need for the Communities Minister to now explain the handling the Sports Sustainability Fund and other areas within her Department's responsibility."