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In his New Year Message DUP East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell said,

“None of us will forget 2020 due to the pandemic and the resulting restrictions from it. 2021 should hold out so much more in the form of hope for the future.

A new chapter beckons as the EU moves on in the ever increasing demand for a more centralised format and rising budget demands as a result of our departure. Those net contributing countries, which now include the Irish Republic, will need to decide how much more their citizens will be expected to pay to make up for the UK's £10bn per annum hole in EU finances as well as the added cost of admitting Montenegro, Albania, and Serbia to the EU 'club'.

In Northern Ireland meanwhile we need to work our way through the difficulties the Protocol has presented to us due to successive Governments not calling the bluff of the EU and the RoI in the mythical hard border that was never going to occur. This mythical border was used to get the Government’s agreement to the protocol which now presents challenges that are only mitigated to some degree by the Trade Deal negotiated last week.

This is the time for hard work and determination to continue the fight to further negate the damage the 'protocol' can do, all help in this struggle is welcome. Now is not the time to abandon the field or leave the ranks as some did in the past, resolve and consistency paid off in other fields of conflict, that must be the watchword once more.

The future beckons all of us. As I look back this year on 40 years since I was first elected to Council and 20 years since first elected to Parliament, we must prepare for the next 100 years of Northern Ireland's existence as we commemorate the first 100 years.

Those irresponsible representatives of Irish Nationalism/Republicanism still need to come to terms with how this reality clashes with their fantasy. They have yet to accept that there is as much chance of them achieving a 'no border' solution as there ever was of there being a 'hard border' solution to Brexit. Neither could happen as huge numbers wouldn't accept it.

SF needs to lead their own community away from these perverse 'celebrations' of IRA murder, whether marking the deaths of terrorists or chanting 'up the ra' at sporting occasions, their day has come, and gone. It's over, we all need to move forward into the future.”