Alliance and SDLP inconsistent on election of a Speaker

DUP East Belfast MLA David Brooks has said the Alliance Party and the SDLP lack consistency in their approach to electing a Speaker.

By David Brooks MLA

Belfast East

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Mr Brooks said,

“Today’s sitting demonstrated an absolute lack of consistency amongst some parties. In 2017 Sinn Fein blocked the appointment of a Speaker and Ministers because of the Irish language. They were repeatedly aided by the Alliance Party and the SDLP.

In 2022, both the Alliance Party and the SDLP are taking a different approach when the matter undermining devolution is the NI Protocol. This time, despite zero unionist support for the Protocol, the Alliance Party and the SDLP want the government to operate as normal.

For two years, the DUP sought to deal with the Protocol whilst the NI Assembly and Executive were operating yet Sinn Fein blocked the matter even being discussed at the Executive. The Alliance Party alongside the SDLP called for the “rigorous implementation” of the Protocol rather than working to address unionist concerns.”

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