Actions, not words will help those in need- Bradley

DUP Deputy Leader Paula Bradley MLA has said the cost of living crisis facing the people of Northern Ireland requires parties to make decisions in the interests of all of our people, not to peddle division.

By Cllr Paula Bradley

Glengormley Urban


“The cost of living crisis facing the people of Northern Ireland requires solutions, not the creation of obstacles through political rhetoric.

The DUP has a plan to get support to households in need. We have tabled proposals in both London and Belfast to help deliver this support for families and communities across Northern Ireland.

Party Leaders have been engaging extensively in finding solutions and this will be the template for success, we have made clear that we want to look at all solutions, including legislation both here and in Westminster.

Actions, not words will help those in need. Decisions, not delays will provide the mechanisms to deliver this support. A plan, not political positioning is the basis of moving this forward together.

The DUP warned the pro-Protocol parties last September that the First Minister would be stepping down if the Protocol remained.

They ignored the calls from every unionist MLA.

They ignored the fact that the Protocol was contributing to rising prices and was inhibiting Westminster from delivering support for hard-pressed households on a UK-wide basis.

They can continue to ignore the political reality, or they can join with us in supporting solutions.

The people of Northern Ireland want us to move forward together, and we are committed to getting support in place and out to those most in need as soon as possible.”

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