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During Questions to the First Minister in the Assembly today, North Belfast MLA William Humphrey asked "given Lord Frost’s recent visit to Northern Ireland, whether he recognised the huge difficulties that the obnoxious protocol is causing Northern Ireland plc and that the protocol is absolutely opposed by all unionists in Northern Ireland and needs to be replaced."

Responding, the First Minister Arlene Foster said,

"I thank the Member for his question. Lord Frost acknowledges the political issues around that. He recognises that there is not one unionist in favour of the protocol and the way in which it has been implemented since the beginning of the year. I had the opportunity to speak to him briefly when he was in Northern Ireland last Monday. He met businesses and listened to their very real concerns, and, as a consequence, we have his comments at the weekend, setting out clearly that he thinks that something needs to happen. Let us see that happening so that, instead of listening to words, we see action on the protocol."