"7 Reasons the Irish Sea border must go" launched by DUP Leader

DUP Leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson has launched a new document highlighting the impact of the Protocol on Northern Ireland and thewider United Kingdom.

7 Reasons the Irish Sea Border Must Go by DUP on Scribd

It was distributed amongst Conservative MPs earlier this week and speaking today the DUP Leader said,

"This document sets out seven clear reasons why barriers within the United Kingdom should not be accepted by anyone. People in Northern Ireland are facing increased costs and reduced consumer choice. With 20% of all EU checks taking place in the Irish Sea, these trade barriers are costing Northern Ireland £2.5million each and every day.

The Protocol was sold on the basis of promoting peace and stability yet there is no cross-community support and it undermines a key foundation that political progress was built upon. The Assembly and Executive were restored on the basis of a clear promise that Northern Ireland's place within the UK internal market would be restored. Whilst trade barriers between Great Britain and Northern Ireland remain that promise has not been fulfilled and devolution is undermined.

No-one who supported leaving the European Union did so on the basis of it driving a wedge between constituent parts of the UK. Whilst the Irish Sea border exists, Brexit has not been delivered. The Protocol also locks the UK Government into endless rounds of negotiations with the European Union, especially as rules diverge and change over time.

We have been shielded to some degree from the full devastation of the Protocol through temporary grace periods. Whilst agreement between the UK and EU to intensify talks is welcome we need to see a timetable for progress set out. With the Government happy to talk about the Union we need to see action backing those words up."

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